8 Tips For Extending Battery Life For Your Solar Power System

It is important to recharge your solar batteries regularly to prevent damage. A damaged battery will no longer function properly and will eventually be worthless. The proper way to recharge your batteries is to rotate them regularly and always keep them connected to a charging source. You should also charge them fully once a month to balance out the charge of each bank. These are 8 tips for extending battery life for your solar power system.

You should monitor your solar batteries’ voltage and specific gravity on a regular basis. Ensure that solar panel amps are equal to at least 10% of the battery pack. Your charge controller may have equalization settings. You should run equalization at least once a month for two to four hours. You should repeat this process at least once every three months if your batteries are consistently undercharged. In addition, water your batteries regularly, especially wet cells. Use distilled water.

When sizing your battery bank, make sure to consider its design and temperature range. You should also pay special attention to the battery terminals. A battery with a corroded terminal is likely to experience premature failure. Fortunately, most charge controllers offer a LVD feature that will shut down the system when it detects a problem. Follow these tips and you’ll have a battery bank that lasts for years.

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