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How to Repair Water Damaged Wall Plaster

If you are wondering how to repair water damaged wall plaster, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, stop the leak. Make sure that the plaster is completely dry before you begin. Once the plaster is dry, you can remove any bubbling paint or crumbling plaster coats. If necessary, dig out the soft material to expose the underlying plaster. Next, apply joint compound and sand it well to make the surface smooth and even.

To repair water-damaged wall plaster, you can start by cleaning the area thoroughly. Start by removing any soft, degraded plaster or lath. If there is still some soft plaster on top, poke around it to see if you can find an undamaged patch. Remove all damaged areas of plaster before applying the new plaster. After you’ve removed the old wall plaster, you can begin the process of repairing the wall plaster.

If the cracks aren’t marked, scrape off loose plaster with a putty knife. Apply a second layer of joint compound, but this time, feather it out 6 inches to 12 inches. Wait at least 24 hours before priming and painting the wall. While the joint compound cures, you can paint or prime the repaired wall plaster. If the water damage is large, the next step is to remove the drywall adhesive.

Before you begin any plaster repair, you’ll want to repair the wood lath underneath. Generally, general contractors like Tom Silva will reattach the wood lath with screws and metal washers. However, he recently tried an alternative solution: Big Wally’s Plaster Magic. This product uses glue instead of screws and is much easier to work with. Another advantage to this product is that it looks much better than the screwed connection.

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