Refining, Enhancing, and Synthesizing Fashions in the Equipment System of Twelvesky M

Twelvesky M has an equipment system that determines a player’s power in battle. This guide is written to help everyone quickly comprehend the processes of fortifying equipment, refinement, and fashion synthesis, in order to save time while playing.

Enhancing Gear is an important part of preparing for any activity or event. Having the right tools and materials for a task can make a huge difference in the results of any undertaking. It is important to make sure that all equipment and supplies are in good working order before using them. This includes repairing or replacing any items that may be worn or damaged. Additionally, it is important to properly store and maintain equipment, as this will help to extend its life and keep it in good condition koiusa.

The enhancement of equipment in Twelvesky M is essential for improving its strength. By using enhancement stones, one can increase the power value of their gear. Every successful enhancement will result in a considerable increase in the power value of the equipment and the kind of material used will decide the increase. Players can find Crow Iron, Mystic Iron, and Refined Steel as the main enhancement materials offered.

The level of enhancement available for each item depends on its grade. For 1st and 2nd grade Ming-tier and God-tier items, the maximum enhancement is 150. Upon reaching this point, players can unlock the ultimate enhancement, pushing the equipment to a 210 power level. Items that can be enhanced include weapons, armor, gloves, shoes, rings, necklaces, and cloaks.

When players have acquired 3rd and 4th-grade God-tier equipment, they are presented with additional enhancement opportunities. For 3rd-grade God-tier equipment, they can access the ultimate enhancement system at an enhancement value of 60, with the maximum enhancement level being 99. Similarly, 4th-grade God-tier equipment allows for ultimate enhancements and a maximum enhancement level of 99. However, with the transcendence system, the maximum enhancement level can be pushed even further to reach 120. The parts eligible for ultimate enhancements remain unchanged for both 3rd and 4th-grade God-tier equipment. detectmind

The process of improving a system is known as refinement.

In Twelvesky M, the refining system provides an opportunity to access the concealed power of equipment. Through the refining process, users can raise the base power of their items by as much as 20%. It should be noted, though, that refining is only available for 1st-grade Ming or God-tier gear.

A step-by-step approach is utilized for refining equipment up to level 24. Specific parts such as weapons, armor, gloves, shoes, necklaces and rings are all capable of refinement. If the process is successful, a power boost is received, however if it is unsuccessful, the materials used will be lost.

Players must be mindful while refining as any items used for the process can’t be retrieved if lost. The number of refining attempts remain the same even after an upgrade, only dropping if a downgrade is done. Therefore, it’s best to plan out refining approaches in order to maximize the equipment’s potential.

An Aggregation of Styles

Fashion synthesis involves combining different elements of style into a unified whole to create a unique look. It is a way to express individuality through the combination of different fashion elements.

The Twelvesky M game emphasizes personal style with its fashion synthesis feature. Players have the ability to customize the look of their fashion items and add additional attributes, boosting both the fashion and the strength. The fashion synthesis procedure is a complex process that unites main fashion items, attribute-changing fashion items, and material fashion items.

In order to start fashion synthesis, gamers must engage with the fashion NPCs in the capital cities of their particular sides. Putting two fashion items into the synthesis interface permits players to fabricate a new fashion piece that has improved properties and a personalized look. The cost for the synthesis is a flat rate of 2000 gold coins, which covers the material costs.

When constructing fashion items, the attributes of each must be taken into account. Different fashion items possess unique attribute combinations. Items of the A Category randomly assign two attributes from Attack Power, Defense Power, HP, and Internal Power. B Category fashion items possess three randomly chosen attributes from the same set. C Category fashion items feature a variety of attributes, ranging from one to four randomly selected attributes consisting of Attack Success, Attack Evasion, Attribute Attack Power, and Attribute Defense Power. Lastly, D Category fashion items include additional attributes, such as Additional Defense Power, Critical Chance, and Pressure Point Resistance, with one to three randomly generated attributes.

It’s essential to keep in mind that D Category apparel pieces are unaffected by advancement levels and have constant attribute values. Additionally, fashion merging allows the combination of items from different factions. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that fashion items from other factions can be utilized for synthesis, but they can’t be worn if situated in the main slot.

Players have the capacity to examine the outcome of fashion synthesis before settling on a final decision. This preview provides them the ability to evaluate the modifications in attributes and make sure they suit their desired results. If one carefully plans and contemplates fashion synthesis, they can manufacture potent and attractive fashion pieces.

In Summary

Enhancing gear in Twelvesky M carries a certain risk of failure, so it is important to make sure you are prepared prior to attempting it. If you are worried about the probability of success, you can acquire more knowledge on equipment enhancement with the help of the Redfinger Android emulator at to improve your chances.

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