The Enchanting World of K Dramas

Top 5 K-Dramas on Netflix

K dramas are among the most watched content on Netflix, with a huge global reach. From zombies to neurodivergent attorneys, there are plenty of k-dramas on the platform that will keep you entertained and engaged, whatever your taste in drama is.

Feel-Good Doramas for the Weekend

From side-splittingly hilarious misunderstandings to cheery conversations, a number of funny k-dramas on netflix will leave you with a smile on your face and a laugh in your belly. These romantic dramas have a lot of the elements of classic romantic comedies, but also include themes like fantasy and coming-of-age.

One Spring Night

The slow-burn love story of a single dad and a librarian will appeal to romance fans looking for something more realistic. The show also explores social issues, so you’ll be sure to learn a few things along the way!

Another top-rated romantic k-drama on Netflix is Our Beloved Summer, which tells the story of two ex-lovers who reunite years after filming a documentary that went viral. Their reunion is full of reminiscing, nostalgia and second chances.

A New Beginning

The latest addition to Netflix’s teen drama line-up, A New Beginning takes place in Spain, where a CEO of an investment company travels there in search of the creator of an augmented reality game. But he ends up staying at a hostel run by the creator’s sister and soon finds himself enmeshed in some strange incidents.

In a series of adventures, he meets an ill-tempered ghost who has a knack for making people reveal their secrets just by touching them. Meanwhile, a former afterlife detective is embroiled in the whole shebang.


The world of drug crime is no stranger to Netflix, but this year has seen more than its fair share of k-dramas that tackle the topic. While a handful of the year’s most popular shows tackled zombies and neurodivergent attorneys, some focused on drug cartels and other less conventional criminal activities.

The genre of healing K-dramas is a great choice for fans who are looking for light and engaging shows with close to no high-stakes drama or crazy plot twists. These shows follow a slice-of-life-style plot and are close to non-stop fun, so they’re perfect for those who want to kick back and watch a good drama at any time of the day or night!

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