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What Is an Idle RPG?

If you’re a fan of fantasy games, you might have heard of idle RPGs. Idle RPGs are games in which players don’t interact with each other. Instead, they allow players to experience epic stories and battle other people. But what exactly is an idle RPG? Let’s look at a few of the genre’s most popular titles and what to expect when playing them.

Idle games are essentially mobile games that require players to wait for long periods of time. Their pacing and long-term retention depend on this. A strong mobile game must give players compelling reasons to come back and remain, and provide plenty of ways for players to spend their money. Idle games are an excellent example of this, as they have mastered the art of making players feel smart about their decision.

Idle RPGs have been a major genre in recent years. After a good talk by Anthony Pecorella at GDC 2015, more developers have been paying attention to this genre. CivCrafter is a good example of an idle game, with multiple resources and battles. And Tap Titans proves that idle games can be applicable to the auto-rpg genre. This is because the progression systems in idle games can be applied to almost any genre.

Idle RPGs are often satirical in nature. Idle RPGs offer players the option to play with minimal interaction while acquiring their desired items. In the case of cookie clicker, the player receives a cookie every time he or she taps the screen. In the meantime, the game continues to generate cookies, even when the player isn’t playing. And the game grows fast, so players can expect a slick growth curve with a high chance of rewards.

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